Where to Get Help

For a medical emergency, a fire, or anyone who is threatening your safety, call 911. Should you need general assistance when visiting Point Lobos, you’ll find help at the Information Station, Entry Kiosk or the Whalers Cabin. Docents or park aides can quickly alert a ranger or lifeguard if necessary, and can help to report animals in distress.

Park Aides, Rangers and Lifeguards

The first face you see when you enter Point Lobos is likely to be that of a State Park Aide in the entry kiosk. Aides will gladly answer your questions and can provide up-to-date information about free public walks being offered during your visit. State Park Rangers and Lifeguards are peace officers and able to deal with rules violations, safety issues and law enforcement. State Parks staff are easy to recognize and will be in uniform when on duty.


Find volunteer docents at the Information Station or at Whalers Cabin from 9 AM to 5 PM seven days a week. Often, docents are stationed on trails with spotting scopes, guiding school groups or hikes or simply walking the trails as roving interpreters. Keep your eyes out for their green jackets, and feel free to talk with a docent at any time. Interacting with these wonderful volunteers can enrich your experience in many ways.