Printable Brochures

rocky path at Point Lobos

Brochures about the features at Point Lobos

Welcome to Point Lobos: A general overview of Point Lobos animals, plants, and rules.  This brochure is also printed in other languages (see below.)

Observation Checklist: A checklist of plants and animals that children can use for a “treasure hunt”

Whalers Cabin: A brief cultural history of Point Lobos, which you can learn more about by visiting our Whalers Cabin and Whaling Station museums

South Plateau Trail Guide: A guide to numbered posts along the trail, giving the names of the plants seen at each location.  Note: this guide is currently out-of-date

Cypress Grove Trail: A handy guide to the Cypress Grove Trail, telling what may be seen at ten stops along the trail.

Tide Pools: A full-color brochure about life in the intertidal zones at Weston Beach, and handy tips on how to explore tide pools safely and without harming the intertidal species.

Sea Otter: Fascinating facts about this charismatic Point Lobos resident species.

Whales: Useful information about the whales commonly spotted off Point Lobos, with tips on when and where to see them.

The Rocks of Point Lobos State Reserve:  Describes the two kinds of bedrock that create the beautiful Point Lobos coastline, and unusual rock features including trace fossils and concretions.

Birds of Point Lobos: A photo guide to the birds you can see at Point Lobos. (Prints better on legal-size paper, then tri-fold.)

Scuba Diving: A brief overview of scuba diving at Point Lobos.  (More complete information can be found in the dive section of this site)

Don't Feed the Animals: A California State Parks brochure giving the reasons why you should not feed the wild animals.

Welcome brochures (also printable) with interesting facts about Point Lobos, in many languages:

Arabic/(al arabiya) العربية
Russian/Русский язык
Vietnamese/tiếng việt (㗂越)