Guidelines for Chaperones

photo of chaperones with students on a Point Lobos field trip

Point Lobos is a natural reserve, not a park. Afforded the highest level of statewide protection, the purpose of a reserve is to forever protect an area of unique natural beauty and ecological significance. These guidelines are designed to help you keep the children safe, and to preserve the beauty and natural setting of Point Lobos for the enjoyment of others. Please do your part to be informed, and to inform your students.

  • Please follow the 15 MPH speed limit if you are driving.
  • Go over the simplified expectations below, emphasizing them at the beginning of the visit and reminding those who are not following them.
  • Stay on the trails
  • Don’t take anything: shells, rocks, stick, or any other item
  • Place all trash and container in the proper bin
  • Do not disturb wildlife or throw rocks or other objects.
  • Make sure you can recognize poison oak and help your students learn to recognize it as well.
  • Keep track of who is in your group, and keep them together. Stay engaged with your students.
  • Be respectful of the natural residents of Point Lobos and intervene with students who are acting in a way that could be harmful to animals and plants.
  • Remind students that they are more likely to see animals if they are quiet.
  • If you are with a docent, let the docent be the leader. Show the students that you are engaged with what he or she is saying. When the docent asks questions, please let your students answer.
  • Intervene with any students who are acting out in a way that detracts from the experience of the other children or other visitors.
  • No children (siblings) other than students are permitted on the field trips.

Please print and give out these Guidelines for Chaperones.
Guidelines for Chaperones in Spanish.