Discover Point Lobos App

graphic representing Discover Point Lobos

Discover Point Lobos

A Tablet App for exploring Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Free on the Google Play Store or Apple's App Store. Recommended for ages 7 to 107.

This fun and feature-packed app provides an interactive experience while you take a virtual walk and learn about the animals, plants, and geological features that are found at the Reserve. Exceptional videos and detailed photos provide a personal connection with all the natural wonders of Point Lobos, including the striking geologic formation that forms the boundary with the sea.

Play the Food Web game, and as you unlock the secrets of the web of life you'll learn the names of over 90 animal and plant species that rely on each other to survive and to provide the balance required for healthy biodiversity.

Try your hand at balancing the ecosystem of a tide pool with a fast-paced and constantly changing mix of plants and critters that call it their home. Or take a tour through history and meet the many people who lived and worked at Point Lobos and find out why we all must protect this important natural environment for generations to come.

Special thanks to the California State Parks Foundation, the Nancy Buck Ransom Foundation, the Yellow Brick Road Benefit Shop of Carmel and the many generous individuals who supported this project


Of the dozens of people who participated in the making of the Discover Point Lobos App, we would like to thank the following for recognizing the possibilities that this app has in furthering the knowledge and love for all things wild and natural: Dr. Sylvia Earle for her narration of the Welcome to Point Lobos video, Tierney Thys, Linda Yamane, Kim Weston, and Kip Evans, who developed the app and provided most of the videos and photos.