Organization Information for Donors

As an organization, the Point Lobos Foundation values member engagement, input, and feedback. We invite members to explore the links below for a broader understanding of PLF operations. 

We thank you for your dedication and support, and invite you to directly contact PLF leadership with your thoughts or questions at any time.

Annual Membership Meetings 

2019 Annual Member Meeting Video | Foundation updates and awards


2019 Annual Member Keynote Presentation | Jonathan B. Jarvis, UC Berkeley Institute for Parks, People & Biodiversity

2018 Annual Member Meeting Minutes

2017 Annual Member Meeting Minutes

2016 Annual Member Meeting Minutes

Financial Information

To ensure funds are managed efficiently and ethically, the Point Lobos Foundation has an independent audit conducted each year. Audit reports and tax returns for the most recent three years are included here.


Articles of Incorporation

Bylaws (Amended March 2019)


IRS Tax Determination Letter

Nomination Form for Point Lobos Foundation Board of Directors

Statements on Regional Planning Efforts 

Point Lobos Foundation and the Carmel Area State Parks General Plan

Contact Us

Kathleen Lee
Executive Director, Point Lobos Foundation
866-338-7227 ext. 101

Karin Stratton
President, Point Lobos Foundation Board of Directors