Fascinating Wildlife

People come to Point Lobos for many reasons, particularly for the beautiful vistas of the rocky coast.  But whatever their primary reason for visiting, their greatest delight often comes from a good look at one of our iconic animals.  By many accounts, the sea otter is the poster child of Point Lobos.  But we often are asked if whales have been seen, or where birds are nesting, or just which animals might be seen.  You can find a great deal of information on our animals right here on this website by following the links shown below.

Marine mammals frequently seen at Point Lobos include otters and whales, but also sea lions, harbor seals, and dolphins!  This website will help you tell sea lions, seals, and sea otters apart.  Wherever you see them, please follow these guidelines when you see  any marine mammals.

Land mammals you may be able to see, with varying degrees of likelihood, are deer, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, and brush rabbits.  Many docents love to show visitors the nest of the dusky-footed wood rat, although they are nocturnal.


Birds that nest at Point Lobos include Great Blue Herons, Black-crowned Night Herons, Western Gulls, two species of cormorants, woodpeckers of various species, and a variety of songbirds.  And many other beautiful birds visit Point Lobos on a regular basis.


If creepy-crawly animals are your thing, you can go on a treasure hunt for lizards, non-poisonous snakes, spiders and their elaborate webs, and others.

Docents are often out on the trail with spotting scopes, and if your timing is right they will delight in giving you an up-close look at some of their favorite animals.