Whalers Cabin

The Whalers Cabin – A Historical Museum

Point Lobos is not only an appropriate location for your class to study the Natural History of the Central California Coast but it also has a rich and diverse cultural history.   Over the centuries the area where Point Lobos now sits has not only been home to the indigenous peoples who originally settled the area but also to immigrants from China, Portugal, and Japan, and those who did reside in the area engaged in a variety of activities including fishing, whaling, abalone harvesting, dairy farming, and coal mining.  Items in the museum are representative of these endeavors, and a visit to the Whalers Cabin can help the classroom teacher further discuss what nineteenth century life was like for those who lived on the Central Coast of California.

The Whalers Cabin and nearby Whaling Station can be found near Whalers Cove.  Each is open to the public from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. every day and serves as a repository for artifacts representing the many diverse inhabitants of the area.  While there is always a docent on duty at Whalers Cabin to answer questions from the public, visits of large groups pose particular problems, and the following requests and suggestions are offered to make school visits as productive and enjoyable as possible:

**If you would like your students to have docent led tours of the Whalers Cabin area please submit your request at least 60 days prior to your visit.  This will allow docents time to plan how to best serve your students while they are at the Reserve.

**No more than 10 students should be inside either the Whalers Cabin or the nearby Whaling Station at any one time.  Each group of students should be accompanied by an adult from the school.

**If your group consists of more than 20 students and you do not have docent leaders it would be helpful if you planned alternate activities for students not inside one of the buildings.  Nearby trails are available for nature walks while students await their turn to view the museum.  The Whalers Cove parking area has historical artifacts which can be shared with students as well as restrooms, water fountains, and tables.

**The road to the Whalers Cove parking area and the parking area itself are not suitable for large vehicles such as school buses, so please plan on using one of the hiking trails to bring your students to the Whalers Cabin area.  Buses can discharge students at the intersection of the entry road and the Whalers Cove turn-off.  Parking for passenger vehicles at the Whalers Cove parking area is limited, and school groups using private vehicles may have to find parking elsewhere. 

**The Whalers Cabin was not designed to be an interactive venue and some of the artifacts displayed are fragile, so we ask that you remind students to be careful while visiting.