Planning Your Trip

Field Trip Check List

  • Get administrative approval.
  • Fill out the reservation form and questionnaire completely. When you use the web site to make your reservation you will receive an email response to your request. If you mail the reservation and questionnaire forms please submit at least two weeks prior to your visit. If you are requesting a guided walk allow more time for us to schedule nature walk leaders. If you plan your visit for other than peak times (April and May), you have a better chance of getting a guided walk. If your school is visiting on more than one day, a reservation form must be submitted for each day.
  • Arrange transportation.
  • Develop a lesson plan and activities schedule.
  • Information for teachers, flyers, games, self-guiding nature walks and other printable brochures are available in PDF format.
  • Recruit parents for adult leaders and chaperones: Recruit enough to maintain order and safety. At least one adult for every ten students is required. However, a ratio of one adult for every six students would be helpful.
  • Discuss the goal of your visit with the chaperones. Share your lesson plan, information sheets, and field trip activities with the chaperones. Make sure the adults understand their roles and responsibilities, and, in particular, how they can assist the docent who is leading the walk by reminding students to remain focused on the task at hand. Finally, please make sure that all participants wear easily visible name tags, as that will facilitate the interaction between the docent leader and your students.
  • Schedule: Consider activities, dividing into smaller study groups, specific places for activities, lunch, what if it rains?
  • Prepare the students for the trip: Let them know where they are going, purpose of the trip, behavior expected of them, and the Rules of the Reserve. Have them bring appropriate clothing and shoes. It is frequently cool and windy at the Reserve.
  • Lunches: Eating is allowed only at picnic tables (Whalers Cove, Piney Woods, Bird Island parking). No food or drinks may be taken on the trails. Restrooms are located at the picnic areas.
  • Additional things that are helpful: List of children with special medical needs, (allergic to bee stings, etc). Bring a first aid kit for small problems. Garbage bags are great to sit on if it is wet and can be used as a rain slickers. Have someone bring a camera! If we are going to lead a nature walk for you, please remember to have all students wear name tags.
  • Point Lobos State Natural Reserve is only able to accomodate a maxium of 120 students per day and two school groups. 

Please remember that any special requests for our docent walk leaders should be submitted at least 60 days in advance.