Seal vs. Sea Lion Quiz Answers

Which animal has spots on its hide?
     The harbor seal has spots, which may be dark on a light background or light on a dark background.

Which animal barks?
     The sea lions are the ones you hear barking.  Harbor seals are mostly quiet.

Which animal can walk on its flippers?
     The sea lion can walk on its flippers on land, and they are quite agile.  Harbor seals propel on land by wriggling – anything but agile! 

Which animal gives birth at Point Lobos?
     We have a breeding colony of harbor seals at Point Lobos.  Sea lions breed elsewhere.

Which animal propels itself in water with its front flippers?
     The sea lion uses its larger front flippers for propulsion, and its tail flippers to steer.  The harbor seal does just the opposite.

Which animal has an external ear flap?
     Only the sea lion has a (very small) external ear.  The harbor seal ear is seen as just a hole on the side of the head.

Which animal slaps the water with a flipper to attract a mate?
     This male harbor seal behavior is commonly seen and heard at Point Lobos in spring and summer.

Which animal are you more likely to see in a seal show?
     As you might have guessed, the usual stars of “seal shows” are sea lions.

Which animal is on the Point Lobos Foundation logo?
     That’s the profile of the California sea lion.

As an adult, which animal is larger?
     The male sea lion can reach 850 pounds, whereas the harbor seal tops out at about 250 pounds.

Which animal is reputed to be the reason for Point Lobos’ name?
     Point Lobos was reputedly called La Punta de los Lobos Marinos (sea wolves, or as we call them, sea lions) by Spanish explorers.

Which animal eats fish?
     Trick question -- they both eat fish.