The legacy of Sister Anna Voss

by Vicki Odello:

A former student of Sister Anna Voss came to the Reserve on December 31. She and her husband had just finished a wonderful walk with a docent. She chatted with another docent and me at the Info Station afterwards and told us this story: the visitor had been an under-privileged child and attended an inner-city school in Los Angeles many years ago. Sister Anna Voss was her teacher, then mentor. Anna Voss brought the kids up to Point Lobos for a field trip which the visitor recalled fondly. She said Sister Anna was largely responsible for bringing her up to northern California with a scholarship to college! The visitor was very happy to share her story with fondness and gratitude to her mentor. We encouraged her to join the Point Lobos Foundation and she was happy to learn how revered we hold her mentor still, and of the Sister Anna Voss Memorial Fund. We enjoyed listening to her story and to see how thrilled she was to have an opportunity to share it. She was beaming.

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