Scribbles from the trails: Quite the dream

Just got back from the big island of Hawaii.  Wow.  Lava flowing to the sea.  Breeching Humpbacks.  Incredible snorkeling and scuba diving.  Kayaking to Captain Cook's monument.  Rain forests.  King Kamehameha. Missionaries. Kona coffee (oh yeah). Tidepooling. Green sand beaches (yep, green).  Sea arches.  Spectacular waterfalls.  Lots more.  A Chamber of  Commerce dream.

True confession: couldn't wait to get back to Monterey ... especially Point Lobos and "environs."

Why?  Within a short stroll: 

Mind boggling geologic formations.  Hundreds of migrating - and breeching - grey whales ... with humpbacks to arrive later in the summer.  A diver's underwater picture of a whale in Whalers Cover - imagine that (see the link below.)  Rocky, the Sand Hill Cove sea otter.   Pregnant Harbor Seals ready to pop come tax time.  Barking Sea Lions.

Along the way: a mating pair of Peregrine Falcons survey Bird Island. Ozzy the Osprey hunts Whalers Cove. Owls patrol Whalers Knoll, eyes sharp on scuba divers and kayakers in Bluefish Cove.  Close by: the Allen Memorial Grove of Monterey Cypress, Monterey Pine forests, kelp beds rich with ocean life, and the site of first contact between the Rumsen-Ohlone and the Spanish near Ichxenta Point. Jade water coves and sea arches grace China Cove. And further south, the wondrous McWay Falls in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park kisses the ocean.  All of which barely scratches the surface of just a few square miles.

Quite the dream ... though I did have to bring back the Kona coffee.  And remember to wear layers!

As Francis McComas said: the greatest meeting of land and water in the world.





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