Donate now to restore Sea Lion Point

We need you to repair and restore the ADA-accessible Sand Hill Trail at Sea Lion Point- one of the most highly visited trails in Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and a top destination for student field trips. Donate now!

Sea Lion Point is a very important area for interpretation and education, and is one of four accessible trails within the reserve. The area is popular for its expansive ocean vistas, coastal bluffs, and wildlife viewing. It's used often and in high numbers by docents, school groups and visitors. The high volume of visitors has disturbed surrounding vegetation and impacted the trail bed that is made of decomposed granite and concrete. Agitated concrete has the potential to leach out of the trail and flow into the ocean, adversely affecting the nearby marine protected areas. Visitors have created unofficial trails that need to be restored to natural vegetation.

It is clear that the quality of the area has deteriorated and that the trail is no longer within ADA specifications. This project will create a well-defined viewing area at upper Sea Lion Point, install thicker redwood borders along the trail, and apply new decomposed granite that is concrete-free. These improvements will bring the area back within ADA standards, protect the area’s natural resources by restoring vegetation and encouraging appropriate foot traffic, and enhance the experience for visitors. 

"Our Easy Access Adventure at Bird Island was extra special last Saturday. We had a wonderful group of over 20 seniors from Canterbury Woods in Pacific Grove, delighted with the birds, harbor seals, otters, flowers and MINT Van before their picnic. Added to this was a PLF group on a nature walk, led by Chuck Bancroft and many other visitors enjoying each station with docents, scopes, pelts, binoculars, and other info. Easy Access will be at Sea Lion Point on the first Wednesday and third Saturday of each month for the summer."

-Alexanne Mills