Point Lobos Celebrates the 150th Anniversary of California State Parks

Join us on Sunday, October 26 for special activities and adventures at your favorite state park from 10:00am-5:00pm. Point Lobos Foundation members may enter the Reserve free for this event!

Great time with school kids

Perhaps it is just because I am new at this game, but I'm stoked over the fun of today's school walk with second graders at Mission Park School in Salinas.  I had five boys in my group, and perhaps the best chaperone I have ever seen at work.  The boys were long on energy, a bit short on attention span, and very curious and knowledgeable!  They knew more about the things I wanted to tell them about than most 3rd and 4th graders.  What fun!

A Whale of a Show

Yep, as Stan related (in his posting on the docent website), there was a (humpback whale) show all day Sunday in Carmel Bay.  Photos below were taken from Carmel Point, (take a look at that guy in the kayak in the second photo), and if you want more, see the short video here:    ➥ WHALES

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Painting (clip): "Light Reflections" by Howard Perkins, 2014

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Let your mind take a journey to Point Lobos on a beautiful Sunday

   A brilliant patchy blue gray light glistened through the trees 
   Otters and harbor seals frolicking in the rising tide
   A Great blue perched upon a rock sheltered from the breeze
   A nature loving joyful friend walking by my side

Humpbacks, back for another big show.

I got out to Point Lobos early given today's perfect weather, to scope at Sea Lion Point. Three pods of Humpbacks were visible ALL DAY...FROM 9AM-3PM.  Non-stop feeding, breaching, flukes galore, and people just going nuts! Oh, the large raft of otters were out there too, but with the whales so close I could actually scope them, I told visitors that this wasn't normal, and for me, it really was like shooting fish is a barrel, Thank goodness they were big "fish" to aim the scope at!

Whales Blue and Humpback

In abundance today,,,again. thrilling us all.  Not one of the excited vistors realized that the Blues are 200 tons+ and the largest animal on the planet. The visitors really grooved on the aerobatic Humpbacks though. July 17, Bill Miles

Bird Island Reality Show

I spent a few hours at the Pelican Point overlook on the 4th of July watching the entertaining reality show taking place across on the islands and sharing observations with the many visitors.  A glimpse of what we watched is recorded in the link below, showing hungry Gulls, Cormorants, and a lonely Night-heron with some unsolicted visitor narrative as well. 


Placid morning at Whalers Cove

A placid morning at Point Lobos. Whalers Cove looked like a mirror, with the west side in full sun and wispy fog creeping in (on little cat's feet, of course) over the east side. Western Gull chicks sunning themselves on a rock island, a Great Blue Heron fishing for his family (had a perch too big for his throat, but lost it), and a female sea otter lolling in a side cove. Spectacular!

Historic family reunion at Whalers Cabin. Oh... and dolphins too.

Today (June 20) at Whalers, a double treat.  Ted Asaki, grandson of Gennoske Kodani*, visited the Reserve for the first time in six years.  He grew up in Monterey and was a park aid during the summer in the 70s.  He now is pastor of a church in Irving, CA.  He was invited up to his old home church on El Estero to lead the memorial service for a nisei who recently died at age 90.  As we talked outside the Cabin, Eugenie Kodani came up and joined us; she and her husband were taking one of their usual Point Lobos hikes and didn’t expect to see Ted.  The othe