Point Lobos

Point Lobos

Great breakers of the sea crash upon ancient rock along the shore.
They dance playfully against the rocky coast in a winter's season.
Their dance repeated for centuries of winters that have turned before.
An ocean ballet of perpetual rhythm without reason.

The waves dance in time to the music of barking seal.
Crashing against the coast to crescendo their chorus.
A spray of salt upon ones face adding to the appeal.
Beautiful sights and sounds will never bore us.

They call it Jewel of the Peninsula, glittering gem in Monterey.
Where abalone once thrived and whales still migrate by.
It's paradise where a variety of birds come to feed, breed and play.
One of Mother Earth's miracles, heaven kissing the sky.

This gem called Point Lobos brightly shines for all to behold.
Birth of Mother Earth wrought beautiful upon the land
Along the coast you’ll find it, a spot shimmering like gold.
Paradise for mortals, empyrean risen from the sand.